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At Sigma Analytics, we design simple-to-use, self-service business intelligence platforms for high-growth startups. We specialize in providing clear and actionable product, business performance, finance, and marketing insights. Our process:

  1. Build out a data strategy and establish a coherent, clear data foundation (meaning: we'll connect and clean your data sources, create data tables, and help define KPIs)
  2. Utilize our proprietary analytics software (or your analytics tool of choice) to create a simple-to-use, self-service analytics platform to improve data accessibility, literacy, and visibility across your company
  3. Develop dashboards and offer ongoing support to help company stakeholders quickly and easily track vital business metrics
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🔥 For product teams 🔥

Stuck in Amplitude, Heap, or Mixpanel hell? We make it easy for you to (1) understand how your customers are interacting with your platform, (2) identify the sticking points for your users, and (3) track product usage and the entire end-to-end customer lifecycle.

💰 For finance/exec teams 💰

Juggling spreadsheets, third-party reports, and manual calculations just to stay on top of your business metrics? We create simple, automated reports to (1) track revenue KPIs, (2) create YoY comparisons, and (3) explore customer LTV, renewal rates, and churn.

👩‍💼 For marketing/sales teams 👨‍💼

Marketing campaign analytics reports making you nauseous? 4 out of 5 doctors recommend Sigma Analytics to treat data-induced dizziness. Influencer marketing, attribution, funnel analysis, marketing campaign conversion rates... we can do it all!

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